Kiran Vaghela- Final work 2013

Kiran Vaghela

 aug2013 1503

On the path of my life

I have created my own image.

associated with my ‘I’.

To maintain this image it become the aim of my life

As the time passes by

Life become tiresome and boring

Even multiple images of my ‘I’

Don’t work, they looses their glitter and

Feel desolated in the jungle of my ‘I’

As I mov away from the mirror and

My image disappears too

Now I am  able to feel I am part of the whole

Relieved from my ‘I’

On distant blue lake is ,

Calling me.

Setting the path of my journey

On a playful jungle trail

The reflective surface on the way reminds me of my past

But …

I have left it far behind me .

I am on the path of nature.

I am free as the transparent jungle breeze.

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