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Vicky Stonebridge

Vicky is a freelance Artist, illustrator, digital colourist and Craftworker based in Lochcarron in the North West Coast of the Scottish Highlands. She is also a retained Fire Fighter and ‘Community facilitator’.

She spends a lot of time on community projects and has 20 years experience of running, organising & delivering Arts and Crafts workshops, classes and events, including Hi-Ex, The Highlands International Comic Expo.

Trained in Ceramics at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1980′s and ran ‘Balnacra Pottery’ 1995 – 2005.

Vicky explores the area between creative self expression and communication with others, seeking ways of creating accessible art without compromising it.  She very involved with community and local politics, seeing all things as connected and using art to bring people together. There is a narrative element throughout her artwork. Her work has been widely published and regularly appears in graphic Novels and books.

Her inspirational journey starts with ancient myth and epic, people and places, nature, the Pict and Celts- it winds romantically, idealistically through Forests and green places, across the sea where the call of the steppes and the ancient Scythian cultures lure- pulling between Western shores and strange imagined Eastern lands.


  • Group Christmas shows 2012, Inchmore Gallery, The schoolhouse Dornie, Beauly Gallery.
  • Comic concept Poster art currently exhibiting in Scotland House, Brussels.
  • exhibited in Edinburgh and Inverness with ‘Reactions to Vysotsky’ August 2011
  • Contributed to Trees for Life charity Exhibition 2012
  • Joint exhibition in Weatherford Offices, Aberdeen spring 2011.
  • Participated in Rock Trust charity postcard art exhibition 2011
  • Participation in Highland Russian connections charity exhibition in the City of Novokuznetsk and Mariinsk, Siberia
  • Art Exhibition & Christmas Fair, New Lodge, strathcarron 20th November to 5th December
  • Winter 2010- Inverness airport, Figurative paintings.
  • Winter 2010-2011 Inchmore Gallery
  • Exhibition in the Shishkin Gallery, Yelabuga Tatarstan, Russian 2010, of works produced during by the 5th International Arts symposium of Yelabuga, theme of ’Breath of the Epos’.
  • May 2010 Highland open studios event.
  • July 2009 Inchmore gallery-Firefighter art.
  • June 2009. Highland Open studios event at the Lochcarron Fire station


  • Participated in Panel discussion at Bristol Comics Exp 2012 with launch of Book Bayou Arcana.
  • did design work and involved with SKY1 programme currently under production ” the great Treehouse Challenge”
  • contributed to ‘The Spirit of Hope’ Japan relief fundraising Comic book put together by the Comic Book Alliance. BBC report HERE
  • Appearing as a Guest at The National Irish Sci-Fi Convention- Octocon 2011
  • was a guest at 2D the Northern Ireland Comics Festival 2nd -4th June 2011
  • Exhibitor & Panelist at Bristol Comic Expo 2011 ‘Slaughterman’s Creed’ and ‘Women, Politics and Cartoons’
  • Appeared as a Guest at The National Irish Sci-Fi Convention- Octocon 2010
  • Participation In the 5th International Arts symposium of Yelabuga, Tatarstan, Russian 2010, theme of ’Breath of the Epos’
  • mosaic interpretive panels on bio-diversity & heritage for the Smithy Heritage Centre 2010
  • March-April 2008, Recycled Art installation/seating area at Alness Academy,
  • Participated in the Highland Printmakers ‘Lochcarron Animation project’ 2007, produced “The Giant of Lochcarron” short film.
  • August 2007, worked in 4 west coast primary schools to produce banners and murals for the Blas Festival. Textiles and mosaics.
  • 20th July 2008. ‘How to draw Comics’ with the BBC ‘BLAST’ Tour. Inverness.
  • many others- information on request


  • Digital Eden project 2006, Bursary to create animation film for the Inverness film festival.
  • shortlisted for 2010 Highlands and Islands Fire & Rescue service Commitment to Excellence awards- Community and Youth involvment.

Somu Desai (Nitesh Desai)

‪Born in 1969 in a small town in India, Somu realized his artistic skills from his teenage years and graduated with a fine art degree from Gujarat in 1992.

‪Somu Desai, as well as being an artist has the enviable quality of being able to engage and enthuse people to get involved in the many art projects he has organized through his passion for art.

‪Living in a large area of India renowned for its mango irrigation, which is also surrounded by one of the biggest industrial zones in Asia, Somu has personally witnessed the way industrial development is overpowering nature. His work expresses and exposes the industrial and political interferences in nature. Somu works using industrial media and expresses issues that he has experienced in his day-to-day life.  Using the method of visual communication he is keen to emphasize and bring awareness to the viewer of the consequences of these actions.  His medium of choice is the use of light sensitive chemicals on industrially sized surfaces and exposed by ammonia fumes (white print). He has adapted and specialized this media to meet his needs, and his use of it brings subtle but often haunting images to the audience.  He also uses his large scale pen drawings to bring a different perspective to issues in Indian life.

‪Somu has worked extensively on often large-scale public projects, and has participated in camps, workshops and residencies. He has also played a key role in organizing some of the major camps, events and residences in India, and is also collaborating with a Scottish artist to arrange a series of original international artist residencies named “Ceangal” in the rural Highlands of Scotland and traveled there in 2011 to assist with the research and development.

‪Somu lives and operates from a small town in India where he has a studio named “Zero Kilometer”, where young artists can do their art practice and attune themselves for the wider art world.  Somu Desai has showcased his works in India and abroad.


1969, Dist- Valsad, Gujarat, India.


1987-1992    Diploma in painting (Gujarat)

Camp / Workshop

  • 2004            Rupda artist association workshop
  • 2005            Kala Guru Jasubhai Naik art foundation
  • 2007            Gujarat kala Pratisthan
  • 2007            Sandarbh site specific workshop
  • 2008            monsoon magic painting workshop
  • 2009            Sandarbh site specific workshop
  • 2009            FALCAT Udwada
  • 2010            FALCAT Kutch


  • 2009            Vibrant Gujarat, Mural project
  • 2009            Art Routes, ways of seeing
  • 2010            Still in Baroda, Thrill in Baroda.

Group Exhibitions

  • 2004            Rupda Artist association
  • 2005            Kala Guru Jasubhai Naik art foundation
  • 2007            Gujarat Kala Pratisthan
  • 2007            Samsara arts
  • 2007            New Gujarat contemporaries
  • 2007            Art within reach
  • 2008            intimate earth
  • 2009            video Wednesday
  • 2010            video show
  • 2011            cross currents
  • 2011            here and now (UK)



Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie


Born in 1967, Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie is an established artist living and working in Gairloch, NW Scotland. Brought up in remote rural areas of the Highlands of Scotland, Lynn studied at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, graduating in 1990.

She enjoys creating in a variety of media and exploring new methods of working.  She has exhibited widely and taken part in several community and international projects including The Big Picture, Wild Wood , Landfill art,  an International Art Symposium in Russia and is currently collaborating with an Indian artist to create Ceangal, a series of international artist residencies in the NW Highlands. A major project in connection with this was a schools participatory project supported by SNH at Beinn Eighe Nature reserve in collaboration with Indian artist, Somu Desai.  She also travelled to India in January 2012 to further develop Ceangal.

In her painting and drawing works she successfully expresses the emotion of the often isolating atmosphere of the Highlands.

She has also worked out of the box, most recently completing an installation work at Inverewe Garden, intended to engage the viewer to consider their sense of place.

Lynn also finds her body a perfect medium to express her artist context and has recently done a performance on Displacement which is an on-going project.

Living in a remote rural area, Lynn has learned to adapt and create opportunities for herself and the area she lives in.  She is open to new ideas and is always looking to expand her boundaries in her field of interest of people and place.  She connects with the issues of people and place globally and enjoys interacting with people and developing and understanding cutlures around the world.

Solo shows

Solo Exhibition       Eden Court Theatre Inverness            1991


Wild Wood Community Project        Gairloch           1993

Exchange Group Trip – Wild Wood           Poland      1995

The Big Picture         Highlands        1997

Landfill art project           International         ongoing

Breath of the Epos –international art symposium     Elabuga, Russia                                     2010

Smiles      Warsaw    2011

Beinn Eighe schools participatory project        Beinn Eighe, Scotland                          2011

 Mixed shows

An Talla Solais       Ullapool    2005, 2006, 2007

West Coast Open 3        An Talla Solais Ullapool       2007

Highland Open studios    Lime tree, Fort William        2007

Highland Art Fair       Strathpeffer       2007

Macmillan show       Strathpeffer          2008

Highland Open Studios          Beauly        2008

Highland Art Show          Strathpeffer     2008

Postcards for sick kids          Edinburgh         2008

An Talla Solais – West coast open 4     Ullapool      2008

An Talla Solais – members show 5       Ullapool       2009

Highland open studios        Eden court theatre, Inverness     2009

Macmillan highland art fair       Foulis Castle         2009

Salon de Refuses       Tore Gallery           2009

Christmas show     Beauly Gallery       2009

ESSA show          Edinburgh           2009

Strathpeffer art fair      Strathpeffer        2009

Members Christmas show         An Talla Solais, Ullapool    2009

Highland Hospice show        Beauly     2010

 An Talla Solais           Ullapool       2010

ESSA      Edinburgh     2010

Artswap 2010        International      2010

Postcards for sick kids          Edinburgh         2010

Art off the rock          Stirling    2010

Highland Art Fair      Strathpeffer       2010

Twitterartshow       Moss,Norway        2010

Artswap II       International       2010

Smiles       Warsaw        2011

Joint shows
Elements        Gairloch heritage museum       2007Elements II         Macphail Centre, Ullapool        2007

Gallery Artists   Regent Gallery, Somerset April/May2009

Fine Lines – joint show with Kate Mackay    Regent Gallery, Somerset June      2009

Mixed show      Beauly Gallery        2009

Mixed show      The Studio, Fortrose       2009

Beauly Gallery     Beauly – May – July    2010

Breath of the Epos – Ivan Shishkin gallery   Elaguba, Russia & to tour    2010 ongoing

Joint show    Galerie Sigvardson, Denmark   2010

Mixed shows      Inchmore Gallery, Inverness      2010/2011


Ceangal – director          Scottish Highlands/International      2011 ongoing

I have over the years done various works for illustration purposes including Visitscotland, wedding invitations and Two Lochs radio. I have been interviewed for several blogs online. Some of my works are on permanent show in Bridge Cottage Gallery, Poolewe , and I am a member of Highland Open Studios from 2007- present, An Talla Solais, Ullapool, Visual Arts Scotland



Qualifications and training

ñ 2006 MA Fine Art, University of West England, UWE, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2000 BA Film and Video, International Film School Wales, UWCN, Newport (UK)

Group exhibitions

ñ 2011-12 “Sandarbh”, Partapur, Rajasthan (India)

ñ 2009 “En:Countering”, StadsGalerij (IDFX), Breda (The Netherlands)

ñ 2009 “Mareas Migratorias”, CAAM, Las Palmas (Spain)

ñ 2009 “I am comedy”, Arnolfini, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2009 “Mareas Migratorias”, Anciens Combatents, Dakar (Senegal)

ñ 2008 “I am comedy”, Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn (The Netherlands)

ñ 2008 “I am comedy”, W139, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

ñ 2008 “I am comedy”, Worm, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

ñ 2008 “We Used to be Painters”, Plan 9, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2007 “Kultur Kalean”, Distrito 7 Rekalde, Bilbao (Spain)

ñ 2006 “Txoria”, Zinebi, Bilbao (Spain)

ñ 2006 “Cromados MAEC”, Zinebi, Bilbao (Spain)

ñ 2006 “There you Are”, Marksman Gallery, Reading (UK)

ñ 2006 “Obert en canal”, L’escorxador, Esparreguera (Spain)

ñ 2006 MA Show, University of West England, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2006 “Send by post”, travel exhibition, The Crypt, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2006 “Send by post”, Electron, Breda (The Netherlands)

ñ 2006 “Send by post, travel exhibition”, Casa Torre, Santurce (Spain)

ñ 2006 “DAVE”, Hengrove Art Space, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2005 “You could have gone larger but you didn’t”, Paintworks, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2005 MA Show, University of West England, Bristol (UK)

ñ 2003 MA Show, University of West England, Bristol (UK)


ñ 2008 “Origenes”, Fundacion Canal de Isabel II, Madrid (Spain)

ñ 2007 “Mas alla del mar”, Gran Canaria Ballet, Teatro Perez Galdos, Las Palmas Spain

ñ 2006 Clausura Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Auditorio Alfredo Krauss, Las Palmas Spain

ñ 2006 Inauguración Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Auditorio Alfredo Krauss, Las Palmas Spain


ñ 2011-12 “Sandarbh”, Partapur, Rajasthan (India)

ñ 2009 “En:Countering”, StadsGalerij (IDFX), Breda (The Netherlands)

ñ 2008 “I am comedy”, Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn (The Netherlands)

Fred Martin


Born in Lille in 1969

Studied in Fine Art School, Tourcoing, France
Lives and works in Lille, France


Les veilleurs/ The watchmen, Festival « Aux arts etc », Écouflant, France

The right hand, Parc Maingoval, Douchy les Mines, France 
How did i cast my face in the basement earth, Gallery Der Kanal, Neukoln, Berlin, Germany
Earth baptisms, Penitentiary, Sequedin, France
Golem, Festival « Aux arts etc », Écouflant, France
La bête humaine/ The human beast, Aulnoy-Lez-Valenciennes, France

The borderers, Quiévrechain, France

The residents, English Channel, Berck sur mer, France

100 faces for 100 years, Penitentiary, Loos, France

A day a train, Maison Folie, Moulins, Lille, France

Earth baptisms , Parcours d’artistes, Maison du Peuple, Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

Prints, Robespierre Gallery, Grande-Synthe, France

Those who came from earth  2, Houet Museum & French Cultural centre, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

By himself , Fine Art School Gallery, Calais, France

Belong, Gallery Arc-en-ciel, Liévin & La Malterie, Lille, France 
Exvagus , Gallery Chatillez, Tourcoing, France

Dedans la terre, Mine d’art en sentier, Vieux Condé, France
Nymphaeaceae, Festival Pépète Lumière, Dompierre les Ormes, France
Exvagus, Maisons Folles, Ronchin, France

Drawing on water #2, Entre Lacs, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
Cité perdue/ Lost city
, Collectif LEM Utopia, Palais Rameau, Lille, France    

Drawing on water #1, Workshop Ici & Là-bas, La Roche qui boit, France
French kiss, Symposium Sites en ligne, Silly, Belgium

13 isolations, Cell A1D0, Oostereiland Penitentiary & Hotel Mariakapel Gallery, Hoorn, The Netherlands

The exchange, Expo Cool Art Café,  Festival Couleur Café, Brussels, Belgium

Within limbo, I is another, Lost action hero, Harmony Art Foundation Residency, Mumbai, India


Cavern, Symposium Sites en ligne, Silly, Belgium

Materia Prima, Cool Art Café, Festival Couleur Café, Brussels, Belgium


The narcisses, La fête de mai, Mozet, Belgium

The offering, Faunique, Maison Folie of Moulins, Lille, France


The gift, Sites en ligne, Silly, Belgium

Catch, Cool Art Café, Festival Couleur Café, Brussels, Belgium


Infans, Tambacounda Genève Dakar 4 International workshop, Senegal

The passengers, Art/Terre, Comines-Warneton, Belgium


Those who came from earth, Geumgang Art in Nature Exhibition, Yatoo, Gongju, South Korea



Artists In Residency, Dune Eco Beach Hotel, Pondicherry, India

« Harmony Art Foundation », International sculpture residency, Mumbai, India


« L’art dans les quartiers, les quartiers vers l’art », Aulnoy-Lez-Valenciennes, France
« Eclats d’art », Quiévrechain, France

Gallery Robespierre, Grande-Synthe, France

Workshop with Richard Wentworth, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Calais, France

« Des artistes chez des habitants », Associations À Voir & ARIAP, Lille, France


2008 Mayak, Traditions Modernités I, Belgium
Catalogue Harmony Art Foundation Residency, India

Catalogue Harmony Art contemporary works, India 2008

2007 Catalogue Geumgang Nature Art Pre-biennale 2007, South Korea

2004 BIL BO K Métamorphoses, Lille Capitale européenne de la culture, France

2003 Catalogue Geumgang International Nature Art, Exhibition 2003, South Korea

Chemin d’art, Saint Flour, France
2002 La fête de mai, Mozet, Belgium

Ximena Labra

Mexico City, 1972. Visual artist and Graphic designer.
BA Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana 1991-1995 Mexico City.
MA Art and Ephemeral Architecture UPC Barcelona, 2000, where she worked lived until 2008.
Actually lives in Mexico City working on public space intervention projects, photography, video, and development of specific projects for cultural institutions.
She has received two grants from the National Culture and Arts Fund in Mexico and an honors mention for Mexico City at the VIII Monterrey Biennial as well as the Europrix top quality seal for net. art, Croatia 2004.
She has curated several exhibition projects in Mexico and Spain for institutions like the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico and the Espais Foundation in Catalonia.
Among her recent projects are a collaboration with Joseph Kosuth for Casa Encendida in  Madrid, and her work has been exhibited at museums such as MACO Oaxaca, México, Centro Cultural de España Mexico, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Centro de Cultura Ccontemporánea de Barcelona, Museo Universitario del Chopo México,Offlimits Madrid,CELARG Caracas, and private galleries in Mexico, Spain, Holland, Germany and Peru.
Among her recent projects are public space interventions such as Tlatelolco 1968-2008 (, her participation in Moscow Young Art Biennial and  the development massive toys and  inteventions for public spaces. She is currently obsessed with books and is developing a Phantom Library and a public intervention for the Denver International Airport.

Anke Mellin

Studies at University of Fine Arts in Hamburg and Academy of Fine Art in München

1982-1989 Teacher for Fine Art at Gymnasium.
Three children
Travels to Ghana, Nepal, India, Korea, Japan, Yemen, USA and several European countries


Cultural Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Cultural Foundation of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Town of Itsukaichi, Akiruno -Shi (Japan)
Cultural Board of Hamburg (Germany)
1995 II.prize of “Minamata Memorial Competition” Minamata, Japan

Publications in several catalogues, art magazines and lexica

Field of works Land Art, At Site Installations, Interventions, Bad Photography, Performance

 Curatorial + Organizational Activities 

1996 Curator of the exhibition “IKO-TRANSPOSITION, 12 Japanese Artists in Hamburg” at Kampnagel K3 in Hamburg

1997 Curator of the exhibition “SEOUL-DIALOG-HAMBURG”, Korean and German artists show their dialogue, Kampnagel K3 in Hamburg

1998 Curator of “EVENTA 4-Preludium 2000” in Ekeby/Uppsala in Sweden

1999 Curator for DIASPORA in the City of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

1999 Curator for “”Seoul Dialogue Hamburg”, Korean and German artist show their dialogue at Total Museum   of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2003/2004 “Childhood” a project in progress, in collaboration with Lisa Kaftori

2004 Curator for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2004”, Gongju, Korea

2005 Organizer for “Visions for Nature” and “From, for, about Nature”, indoor project exhibitions, Gongju, Korea

2005 Curator and Organizer “Visions about Nature”, Gongju, Korea

2006 Curator and Organizer for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2006”, Gongju, Korea

2007 Curator and Organizer “Internationales Natur Kunst Forum 2007, Nature Art Project along Valley of Fulda” in collaboration with Dorit Croissier, Licherode, Germany

2007 Curator and Organizer for “Nature Scopes” and “Nature in Mind”, Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Indoor Project Exhibition, Gongju, Korea

2008 Curator and Organizer for Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2008, Gongju, Korea

2009 Curator and Organizer for “Nature and Peace” Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Indoor Project Exhibition Gongju, Korea

2010 Curator for “Garten- Wiesbadener Kunstsommer 2010”, Wiesbaden

2010 Curator and Organizer for “Nature and Peace”, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Gongju, Korea

Land Art/Nature Art Projects-
Participations and Organizational Activities

1991 “Nest”, for “Nature Art Symposium and Exhibition”, Gong-Ju, Korea

1992 “Hier & Da”, Nature Art Symposium and Exhibition, Schueberg near Hamburg, Germany

1994 “Near as much as far” for “Samukawa Open Air Exhibition”, Samukawa, Japan

1995 “Windharp” for “Wind”, Land Art Project, Husum, Germany

1996 “Mankind”, Eventa 3, Ekeby near Uppsala, Sweden

1996 “Up or Down” for “LAND-ART” gallery and outdoor show, Dithmarschen, Germany

1998 “Preludium 2000”, Eventa 4, Stockholm-Uppsala, Sweden

1998 “Dancing Bamboo” for “Le Vent des Forets”, Lahaymeix, Meuse, France

1999 “A Watchtower for Beaver and Birds”, Kuetjorg, Estonia

1999 “Museum Mons Solis” for “Mons Solis encounter”, St.Andreasberg, Germany

2000 “Waiting for the Golden Knight” for “Kunstpfade”, LandArt Project, Bokel, Germany

2000 “Near as much as far” for “Opening up towards a new Area”, International Land Art Symposium, Gong-Ju, Korea

2000 “Imagine the melting Pole” for “2nd Yokohama International Open Air Exhibition”, Yokohama, Japan

2002 “Confluence” for “LandArt”, Dersauer Kunsttage, Dersau, Germany

2002 “5 Tables” for “International Eco-Environment Exhibition”, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2003 “How far do you want to go?” for “Nature Art Symposium”, Gong-Ju, Korea

2004 “A Place for Observing the Wilderness” for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2004”, Gong-Ju, Korea

2005 “A Raft for the Kuetiorg Lake” for “Nature Art Park at Kuetiorg”, Estonia

2005 “A House for the Wind”, for “The Wind Project”, Sachsenberg, Germany

2005 “A Pavillion for Pocheon”, for Pocheon Sculpture Park, Korea

2005 “A Bench for Haldon Belvedere” for CCANW- Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, England

2005 “A Bench for Aijima Forest” for “Abiko Nature Art Project”, Abiko, Chiba, Japan

2006 “Waiting for the Bear” for Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2006, Gongju, Korea

2007 “Office for Communication about Global Warming”, for “Natur Kunst Forum 2007, Nature Art Project along valley of Fulda” in collaboration with Aviva Rahmani,(USA), Licherode, Germany

2008 “What is South, West, North, East?” for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2008”, Gongju, Korea

2009 “Imagine the Risen Ocean” for “Wattenmeer- Projekt”, Oldenburg

2009 “House for East, South, West, North” for “Tempus Arti”, Landen, Belgium

2009 “A Bench” for “Sandarbh”, Matkola- Partapur, Rajasthan, India

2011 “3 A Project- Artist-Architect-Artisan”, I built a house for Artists in Residence, Madkola, India

2011 “Lie down and look at the Sky”, Paldiski, Estonia

2011 “Ash Field”, Bodvalizsas, Hungary

2011 “Swing”, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2011 “DIN A4”, Steinburger Künstlerbund, Itzehoe, Germany