Nicola Gear-Final work 2013

Nicola Gear – Scotland

One of the first days at the field station, I went with one of the botanists on a walk up a river to find a liverwort that is only found in 3 places in the world, one of them is Scotland.

The scientist walked slowly, looking at her feet, this was a new way of walking for me and it inspired this floor text about flowers. I have chosen the national flowers of each country represented by the artists on this residency. You will find different kinds of information about these flowers, representing the different ways we think about them and the changes in the history of each country. The individual flowers last a short time, the stories sometimes persist over hundreds of years, the only thing that remains constant in our time is the use of Latin as an international language for naming flowers. The flower stories follow the river courses that flow from Loch Maree.


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