Alix Marie. Final work 2013

Alix Marie


‘Science and fiction in Wester Ross: The experiment’.

The very nature of being invited as an artist in residence is to work with the surroundings. In this context, I had first Scotland, its eeriness, ghost stories, overwhelming nature and landscapes to work with. On a more specific level, I also had the Anancaun field station where I met scientists studying the area. Photography has often been associated with authenticity, acting out as a ‘proof’ in science, police matters etc. As an artist and photographer I was interested in playing on that notion and thinking of experimentation, which is an important concept both to art and science. I therefore used my ignorance in science as an advantage on having a ‘fresh look’ and looked for mysterious, strange occurrences. The outcome is a series of photographs, which acts out as much as documentation of a place and as a poetic and aesthetic statement. Beginnings of an eerie narrative, which leaves the audience filling in the gaps and using their imagination to make up the whole story.

Loch Maree, a Scottish ghost story is another project I have made during my stay here and that can be encountered in the Taggan farm house.


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