Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie- Final work 2013

Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie


Humans by their nature like to accumulate possessions,  own a space, maybe a home, favourite place,  piece of land, and lay claim to that area.  Nature in the end is the ultimate landowner and although we like to think we are separate,  in control of spaces – we are not, we are an integral part of nature, and often forget that fact.  We can protect ourselves with clothing, housing, barriers, vaccinations, dwell in an area, but eventually nature will evolve and reclaim by means of growth, natural disaster, and disease.

We are but a speck in time, here only for a very short spell of time and actually in reality, probably know very little about that that surrounds us.

We preserve, manage, conserve protect but also destroy, leave marks, we like to think that our time here will be remembered.  Do we have the right to claim ownership of anywhere we exist; after all, we are only passing through…shadows in history…

With this work, opening up a human habitation to nature, the process of decomposition had already begun with the caravan being unfit for anyone to live in.  A door without a handle indicates privacy of space, ownership.

An area in the woods has also been “claimed”, cordoned off, a private space, ownership, but this will also eventually disappear, nature will take back what is hers.


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