Lynn Bennett-MacKenzie

Born in 1967, Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie is an established artist living and working in Gairloch, NW Scotland. Brought up in remote rural areas of the Highlands of Scotland, Lynn studied at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, graduating in 1990.

She enjoys creating in a variety of media and exploring new methods of working.  She has exhibited widely and taken part in several community and international projects including The Big Picture, Wild Wood , Landfill art,  an International Art Symposium in Russia and has collaborated with an Indian artist to create Ceangal, a series of international artist residencies in the NW Highlands. A major project in connection with this was a schools participatory project supported by SNH at Beinn Eighe Nature reserve in collaboration with Indian artist, Somu Desai.  She also traveled to India in January 2012 and 2013 to further develop Ceangal.

In her painting and drawing works she successfully expresses the emotion of the often isolating atmosphere of the Highlands.

She has also worked out of the box, completing an installation work at Inverewe Garden in 2012, intended to engage the viewer to consider their sense of place.

Lynn also finds her body a perfect medium to express her artist context and has done some works to reflect this, such as a performance on Displacement which is an on-going project, and First things first – digital works which were exhibited at United Art Fair in Delhi, India in 2012.

Living in a remote rural area, Lynn has learned to adapt and create opportunities for herself and the area she lives in.  She is open to new ideas and is always looking to expand her boundaries in her field of interest of people and place.  She connects with the issues of people and place globally and enjoys interacting with people and developing and understanding cultures around the world and her travels in recent years reflect this.

figVIII - beeswax, pen & ink, feather on canvas - 45 x 57 cm

Solo shows

Solo Exhibition                                                                       Eden Court Theatre Inverness            1991

Death! I live with it..                                                              0km studio, Gujarat, India                   2013

Reflect/Connect                                                                     Gairloch Heritage museum                   2013


Breath of Epos                                                                       Elabuga, Russia                                     2010

Ceangal International artist residency                      Gairloch, UK                                          2012

0km Studio                                                                             Pardi, Gujarat, India                                              2013

Ceangal International artist residency                       Beinn Eighe, Kinlochewe                     2013

Yatoo international nature art residency & conference     South Korea                                           2013

fig IV - paper, pine cones, sawdust, bark, beeswax - 30 x 41 cm


Wild Wood Community Project                                           Gairloch                                                 1993

Exchange Group Trip – Wild Wood                                   Poland                                                    1995

The Big Picture                                                                      Highlands                                                              1997

Landfill art project                                                                 International                                   ongoing

Breath of the Epos –international art symposium                              Elabuga, Russia                                     2010

Smiles                                                                                     Warsaw                                                  2011

Beinn Eighe schools participatory project                        Beinn Eighe, Scotland                          2011

Genesis global school                                                         Noida, Delhi, India                                                2013


Mixed shows

An Talla Solais                                                                      Ullapool                                    2005, 2006, 2007

West Coast Open 3                                                                An Talla Solais Ullapool                       2007

Highland Open studios                                                        Lime tree, Fort William                          2007

Highland Art Fair                                                                   Strathpeffer                                            2007

Macmillan show                                                                    Strathpeffer                                            2008

Highland Open Studios                                                       Beauly                                                     2008

Highland Art Show                                                              Strathpeffer                                            2008

An Talla Solais – West coast open 4                               Ullapool                                                 2008

Postcards for sick kids                                                        Edinburgh                                             2008

An Talla Solais – members show 5                                 Ullapool                                                 2009

Highland open studios                                                       Eden court theatre, Inverness           2009

Macmillan highland art fair                                               Foulis Castle                                        2009

Salon de Refuses                                                                    Tore Gallery                                          2009

Christmas show                                                                   Beauly Gallery                                     2009

ESSA show                                                                           Edinburgh                                             2009

Strathpeffer art fair                                                              Strathpeffer                                          2009

Members Christmas show                                                    An Talla Solais, Ullapool                   2009

Highland Hospice show                                                     Beauly                                                   2010

An Talla Solais                                                                    Ullapool                                                 2010

ESSA                                                                                     Edinburgh                                             2010

Artswap 2010                                                                       International                                         2010

Postcards for sick kids                                                        Edinburgh                                             2010

Art off the rock                                                                      Stirling                                                   2010

Highland Art Fair                                                                 Strathpeffer                                          2010

Twitterartshow                                                                      Moss,Norway                                       2010

Artswap II                                                                              International                                         2010

Smiles                                                                                   Warsaw                                                 2011

Trees for Life                                                                        Edinburgh                                             2011

West Coast Open 8                                                             An Talla Solais, Ullapool                   2012

Postcards for sick kids                                                        Edinburgh                                             2012

Ceangal international artist residency                            Gairloch                                                 2012

United Art Fair                                                                      Delhi, India                                           2012

Yatoo international                                                              Romania                                               2012

Twitterartshow                                                                      Los Angeles, USA                               2013

127th YATOO-i Nature Art Winter Workshop 2013       S Korea                                                 2013

128th YATOO-I Nature Art Spring workshop                   S Korea                                                 2013

First things first -4,

Joint shows

Elements                                                                               Gairloch heritage museum                               2007

Elements II                                                                            Macphail Centre, Ullapool                 2007

Gallery Artists                                                                       Regent Gallery, Somerset April/May2009

Fine Lines – joint show with Kate Mackay                      Regent Gallery, Somerset June      2009

Mixed show                                                                          Beauly Gallery                                     2009

Mixed show                                                                          The Studio, Fortrose                           2009

Beauly Gallery                                                                     Beauly – May – July                            2010

Breath of the Epos – Ivan Shishkin gallery                    Elaguba, Russia & to tour                  2010 ongoing

Joint show                                                                             Galerie Sigvardson, Denmark          2010

Mixed shows                                                                        Inchmore Gallery, Inverness             2010/2011

Wild about Gairloch                                                            Kinlochewe                                           2012

2011, Direction, Beinn Eighe, Scotland


Ceangal – director                                                              Scottish Highlands/International      2011 ongoing

I have over the years done various works for illustration purposes including Visitscotland and Two Lochs radio. I have been interviewed for several blogs online. I am a member of Highland Open Studios from 2007- present, An Talla Solais, Ullapool, Visual Arts Scotland, RGI, and Aberdeen artists society.

Shadowland - peat, canvas, paper, ink, beeswax - 91 x 91 cm memorial - 10 x 33 cmL1210613


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