Tatsunori Fujii


1954   Bone in Tochigi – pref. Japan

1980   Graduated from Tokyo Zokei Univ. (Sculpture)

1981   Daddy , Have you ever killed anyone ? Yoyogi – Tokyo

1992   Asyl (futokoro)      White Columns  N.Y.

2006   About Pouring on the Stone (Geumgang Nature Art Biennale) Korea

2008   About the Drifting things  (The Lazar Castle of Lazarea , Romania)

2009   Quiet School – About Pouring   Nakanojo Biennale – Gunma

2010   The Refuge of Water   Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale – Hyogo

2011   The Cluster of Word  I.Ya.Na.N.De.Su    Ledeco  Tokyo

2012   Abiko Weather Station  Fu.Ri.So.So.Gu.Mo.No.Ni.Tsu.I.Te

Abiko International Open-Air Exhibition

我孫子気象台-mono 西宮船坂ビエンナーレ2010 - 水の宿 西宮船坂ビエンナーレ2010-内部 About pouring on the stone A4-(Korea 2006) About pouring(Ludwigsau)2007A3重要mono イヤナンデス イヤナンデス 2012 中之条ビエンナーレ2009-静かな学校 中之条-赤い水の部屋


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