Artist residency opportunity – Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Artist residency opportunity


Vadodara, Gujarat, India

 This is an opportunity for artists to develop their practice in ceramics and metal work in a working studio based in a lively city which has a thriving and cultivated arts scene, including one of the most respected universities in the country.  MSU Baroda which has produced many of the key contemporary artists and contributors to the Indian art scene in recent times.

The ceramic / metal works residency opportunity offered in Vadodara will be hosted in the following periods:

1. January until March (3 month period)

2. September until November (3 month period)

The cost for the 3 month residency will be £1500

Artists who wish to work for longer than 3 months may do so in the September to March period by individual arrangement made with the host.


The residency will provide:

Accommodation: apartment with kitchen and hot-water shower facilities.

Studio visits to artists living and working in Vadodara

Sightseeing trip to the UNESCO world heritage site of Champaner and Ahmedabad city.

Technical assistance

Hardware including Drill/polishing machine/etc

Lunch (simple Indian home cooked food) Artists are responsible for their own dinner. Vadodara is equipped with local and international grocery stores and many affordable restaurants.

Artists are expected to conduct at least one open studio and public talk during the period of the residency.

There will be an opportunity to host a exhibition at the University Gallery at the end of the residency. (Exhibition to be discussed with individual artists)


Artists are responsible for the following:

 Cost of travel to and from Vadodara, and day to day travel

Insurance – Personal Insurance only. The studio is fully insured.

cost of materials used including clay, glaze, gas for firing, bronze, plaster

Cost of material transport to and from artists home to the studio

Manual assistance (if used)


Studio Facilities include the following:

Ceramic and Bronze casting studio consisting of:

1. Electric wheels x 5

2. Kick wheels x 3

3. Gas Kiln x 3 (specifications below*)

4. Large working tables x 3

5. Facility to make custom clays

6. Small glaze room with air brushing station

7. Moulding platforms


Casting is done at an off-site facility with full manual and technical assistance.

The studio also offers fibre-glass, scrape metal fabrication facilities, these should be discussed in advance with individual artist.


*kiln specs:

1. test kiln,

2. 3-1/2’x 3-1/2′ x 3-1/2′ Loading space

3. 6-1/2’x 4-1/2′ x 4-1/2′ Loading space

Max Temperature 1325C

To apply contact:

Yogesh Mahida –

Artists should attach an up to date Bio/CV

10 JPEGs of recent works


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