Bad news from Creative Scotland

 We had been waiting to hear from Creative  Scotland about the outcome of our application for funding for Ceangal 2013, which Lynn had spend weeks working on. We are very disappointed to have to say we were unsuccessful in obtaining funding from them once again – It would be interesting to see who and what projects received monies, and which areas of Scotland will be benefiting.

We are planning to hold Ceangal from 14th-31st August 2013, and strongly feel that it has the potential to be even more inclusive and successful after last year, but now we obviously have to rethink our options regarding finance as we cannot afford to contribute financially as before. 

Ceangal was very much a community project and the goodwill of many was what made it special, and also ensured the participation of many.  We hope that the support will still be there, but had hoped for more support from a public body and to be able to recompense those who are so generous with their time, ideas and influence.  Ceangal is not about personal gain, it is in a sense the property of Gairloch, and we wish to raise the profile of the area further to a group of people who will come, enjoy, create, respect and appreciate the West Coast as the special area it is, so if anyone has any ideas regarding this and how we can move forwards and raise the necessary funds it would be much appreciated.

The feedback we received from the community was on the whole very positive and we feel it would be a real loss for the project to not move ahead further, especially building on the comments we received both from the artists and members of the public.

We would value any comments or ideas about to how to move forwards.

Creative Scotland commented that the competition was very high, they’d received 85 submissions requesting an excess of £2.5million. They could only support 14 projects out of that. They recognised the strengths in our application, but it wasn’t as strong as other applications, the geographical spread and ‘range’ of applications was also cited as a consideration.


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