Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie – Show 2012

Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie


My work is a personal reflection of the area I live in and my fascination with people worldwide, a sense of place, history, movement and displacement. Nature and Time, together record these movements without deleting anything. There are no subtractions, only additions. Incidentally Peat becomes the archive of these changes. Records of natural changes are buried within each layer of Peat.

In my recent work I have been exploring the use of Peat, a naturally occurring source of material which the people in this area and much of the Highlands have relied on historically.  The work has been placed near a peat bank where we personally still cut fuel for the winter.  A remote windswept area, bearing imprints of natural power and forbidding.  When the sun shines it is a glorious place with shimmering colours – a joyous day out for work and a picnic.  When the wind and rain sweep in you feel you are on the edge of the world…. alone.

The peat structure will shrink, warp, and break down over time, quietly beginning another cycle of decay and growth. Meanwhile I place my work within this renewal of life cycle.

Feel for a moment – this is the last place you are seeing….sit, watch, feel, contemplate, enjoy..!


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