Anish Ahluwalia- Show 2012



You are a lens. You focus, defocus, you refocus. The first word on the screen is not necessarily the strongest word but you don’t give up. You focus, refocus and see the word pulling a batch of other words. They want to become a sentence. And once formed they pull a series of images from labyrinth of memory, your and other people’s memory. Memory is usually the departure point of a desire. Desires are the easiest to trap, to mold, to reconstruct, and to infiltrate till it becomes culture. What is culture? Never mind, your desires are securely trapped in a creel. They will mutate there.

PS: You should have been warned- a leaf is the second most intimate writing material, next only to the back of your palm. What you want to keep you write on the back of your palm. What you write on the leaf is temporal but meant to travel. Apologies for contradiction.

Materials : Wood platform, lobster creel, desires of people written on leaves, drawing on the leaves, Enamel paint, nylon wire.


Memory is usually the point of departure of a desire but it also is the resting place of the loss. Once the loss is complete, it silently and without resistance becomes an island. (But no one told you that memory has dark spots? The moments when exploration becomes hunting are shrouded behind these dark spots. And I am not even talking about memories of blood and open skies) Now the island is up for grabs, it must participate in its own transformation. The hunter has become the hunted. And you don’t know it. God Bless!

Materials: Abandoned boat, toy cars and toy trucks, toy plane, fishing net, acrylic paint and nylon wires. 


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