Join in with Ceangal.

Ceangal is a venture into uncharted waters in many ways here and will be a truly international experience!

We are kicking off with a family ceilidh on 8th September which will also raise funds for the Highland Hospice, so if you can sing, dance, or play an instrument, come along, and of course you can just sit and enjoy the fun!

Being a creative event and with the artists not finalising what they might do till they are here, we will be broadcasting daily updates from Two Lochs Radio, and also posting information in the GALE tourist centre, so listen in or contact the tourist centre to find out more as the residency progresses.

Ceangal is about freedom to create, (see previous blog) and also to encourage those who might not have had the opportunity (as well as those who enjoy doing so), to take part, interact, create, share experiences, stories, ideas…

Art is for ALL.  We as humans are creative, but in these unsettled days, this often gets forgotten, so come along and join in… it is up to you, try something new, make new friends and connections and enjoy some stunning scenery whilst doing so!

Many individuals and businesses have pledged their support in one way or another, and if you would like to contribute or join in – get in touch –  email:, phone:01445712389 and take a look at the website: and


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