Somu Desai (Nitesh Desai)

‪Born in 1969 in a small town in India, Somu realized his artistic skills from his teenage years and graduated with a fine art degree from Gujarat in 1992.

‪Somu Desai, as well as being an artist has the enviable quality of being able to engage and enthuse people to get involved in the many art projects he has organized through his passion for art.

‪Living in a large area of India renowned for its mango irrigation, which is also surrounded by one of the biggest industrial zones in Asia, Somu has personally witnessed the way industrial development is overpowering nature. His work expresses and exposes the industrial and political interferences in nature. Somu works using industrial media and expresses issues that he has experienced in his day-to-day life.  Using the method of visual communication he is keen to emphasize and bring awareness to the viewer of the consequences of these actions.  His medium of choice is the use of light sensitive chemicals on industrially sized surfaces and exposed by ammonia fumes (white print). He has adapted and specialized this media to meet his needs, and his use of it brings subtle but often haunting images to the audience.  He also uses his large scale pen drawings to bring a different perspective to issues in Indian life.

‪Somu has worked extensively on often large-scale public projects, and has participated in camps, workshops and residencies. He has also played a key role in organizing some of the major camps, events and residences in India, and is also collaborating with a Scottish artist to arrange a series of original international artist residencies named “Ceangal” in the rural Highlands of Scotland and traveled there in 2011 to assist with the research and development.

‪Somu lives and operates from a small town in India where he has a studio named “Zero Kilometer”, where young artists can do their art practice and attune themselves for the wider art world.  Somu Desai has showcased his works in India and abroad.


1969, Dist- Valsad, Gujarat, India.


1987-1992    Diploma in painting (Gujarat)

Camp / Workshop

  • 2004            Rupda artist association workshop
  • 2005            Kala Guru Jasubhai Naik art foundation
  • 2007            Gujarat kala Pratisthan
  • 2007            Sandarbh site specific workshop
  • 2008            monsoon magic painting workshop
  • 2009            Sandarbh site specific workshop
  • 2009            FALCAT Udwada
  • 2010            FALCAT Kutch


  • 2009            Vibrant Gujarat, Mural project
  • 2009            Art Routes, ways of seeing
  • 2010            Still in Baroda, Thrill in Baroda.

Group Exhibitions

  • 2004            Rupda Artist association
  • 2005            Kala Guru Jasubhai Naik art foundation
  • 2007            Gujarat Kala Pratisthan
  • 2007            Samsara arts
  • 2007            New Gujarat contemporaries
  • 2007            Art within reach
  • 2008            intimate earth
  • 2009            video Wednesday
  • 2010            video show
  • 2011            cross currents
  • 2011            here and now (UK)




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