Anke Mellin

Studies at University of Fine Arts in Hamburg and Academy of Fine Art in München

1982-1989 Teacher for Fine Art at Gymnasium.
Three children
Travels to Ghana, Nepal, India, Korea, Japan, Yemen, USA and several European countries


Cultural Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Cultural Foundation of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Town of Itsukaichi, Akiruno -Shi (Japan)
Cultural Board of Hamburg (Germany)
1995 II.prize of “Minamata Memorial Competition” Minamata, Japan

Publications in several catalogues, art magazines and lexica

Field of works Land Art, At Site Installations, Interventions, Bad Photography, Performance

 Curatorial + Organizational Activities 

1996 Curator of the exhibition “IKO-TRANSPOSITION, 12 Japanese Artists in Hamburg” at Kampnagel K3 in Hamburg

1997 Curator of the exhibition “SEOUL-DIALOG-HAMBURG”, Korean and German artists show their dialogue, Kampnagel K3 in Hamburg

1998 Curator of “EVENTA 4-Preludium 2000” in Ekeby/Uppsala in Sweden

1999 Curator for DIASPORA in the City of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

1999 Curator for “”Seoul Dialogue Hamburg”, Korean and German artist show their dialogue at Total Museum   of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2003/2004 “Childhood” a project in progress, in collaboration with Lisa Kaftori

2004 Curator for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2004”, Gongju, Korea

2005 Organizer for “Visions for Nature” and “From, for, about Nature”, indoor project exhibitions, Gongju, Korea

2005 Curator and Organizer “Visions about Nature”, Gongju, Korea

2006 Curator and Organizer for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2006”, Gongju, Korea

2007 Curator and Organizer “Internationales Natur Kunst Forum 2007, Nature Art Project along Valley of Fulda” in collaboration with Dorit Croissier, Licherode, Germany

2007 Curator and Organizer for “Nature Scopes” and “Nature in Mind”, Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Indoor Project Exhibition, Gongju, Korea

2008 Curator and Organizer for Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2008, Gongju, Korea

2009 Curator and Organizer for “Nature and Peace” Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Indoor Project Exhibition Gongju, Korea

2010 Curator for “Garten- Wiesbadener Kunstsommer 2010”, Wiesbaden

2010 Curator and Organizer for “Nature and Peace”, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Gongju, Korea

Land Art/Nature Art Projects-
Participations and Organizational Activities

1991 “Nest”, for “Nature Art Symposium and Exhibition”, Gong-Ju, Korea

1992 “Hier & Da”, Nature Art Symposium and Exhibition, Schueberg near Hamburg, Germany

1994 “Near as much as far” for “Samukawa Open Air Exhibition”, Samukawa, Japan

1995 “Windharp” for “Wind”, Land Art Project, Husum, Germany

1996 “Mankind”, Eventa 3, Ekeby near Uppsala, Sweden

1996 “Up or Down” for “LAND-ART” gallery and outdoor show, Dithmarschen, Germany

1998 “Preludium 2000”, Eventa 4, Stockholm-Uppsala, Sweden

1998 “Dancing Bamboo” for “Le Vent des Forets”, Lahaymeix, Meuse, France

1999 “A Watchtower for Beaver and Birds”, Kuetjorg, Estonia

1999 “Museum Mons Solis” for “Mons Solis encounter”, St.Andreasberg, Germany

2000 “Waiting for the Golden Knight” for “Kunstpfade”, LandArt Project, Bokel, Germany

2000 “Near as much as far” for “Opening up towards a new Area”, International Land Art Symposium, Gong-Ju, Korea

2000 “Imagine the melting Pole” for “2nd Yokohama International Open Air Exhibition”, Yokohama, Japan

2002 “Confluence” for “LandArt”, Dersauer Kunsttage, Dersau, Germany

2002 “5 Tables” for “International Eco-Environment Exhibition”, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2003 “How far do you want to go?” for “Nature Art Symposium”, Gong-Ju, Korea

2004 “A Place for Observing the Wilderness” for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2004”, Gong-Ju, Korea

2005 “A Raft for the Kuetiorg Lake” for “Nature Art Park at Kuetiorg”, Estonia

2005 “A House for the Wind”, for “The Wind Project”, Sachsenberg, Germany

2005 “A Pavillion for Pocheon”, for Pocheon Sculpture Park, Korea

2005 “A Bench for Haldon Belvedere” for CCANW- Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, England

2005 “A Bench for Aijima Forest” for “Abiko Nature Art Project”, Abiko, Chiba, Japan

2006 “Waiting for the Bear” for Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2006, Gongju, Korea

2007 “Office for Communication about Global Warming”, for “Natur Kunst Forum 2007, Nature Art Project along valley of Fulda” in collaboration with Aviva Rahmani,(USA), Licherode, Germany

2008 “What is South, West, North, East?” for “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2008”, Gongju, Korea

2009 “Imagine the Risen Ocean” for “Wattenmeer- Projekt”, Oldenburg

2009 “House for East, South, West, North” for “Tempus Arti”, Landen, Belgium

2009 “A Bench” for “Sandarbh”, Matkola- Partapur, Rajasthan, India

2011 “3 A Project- Artist-Architect-Artisan”, I built a house for Artists in Residence, Madkola, India

2011 “Lie down and look at the Sky”, Paldiski, Estonia

2011 “Ash Field”, Bodvalizsas, Hungary

2011 “Swing”, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2011 “DIN A4”, Steinburger Künstlerbund, Itzehoe, Germany


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