Ceangal news

Before I depart for India, I thought it might be prudent to inform and update people about what is happening with Ceangal and how plans are moving along.

Although this project is to invite international artists to come and work here for a couple of weeks in September 2012, we invite the community to get involved.  You don’t have to know a lot about art, this is about involvement, pulling together, and welcoming new experiences – you never know where it might take you!

The residency program that we have taken the idea from is in an rural area in Partapur, India, where there was little or no involvement with art, but from the initial batch of residencies, support has grown and the Sandarbh residencies are now an integral part of the area with locals welcoming and getting involved with a large number of artists from all round the globe.  This, as is the plan for Ceangal, is run on a minimal budget, with basic accommodation and food, and the artists working with materials mainly to hand, and community members volunteering time to get involved and make sure the artists have a comfortable friendly stay.

The focus at the moment is on fundraising for the monies we do need, mainly food, accommodation and travel.  We also need to source some money for documenting the project and to hold welcome and end of residency parties or ceilidhs.

There is an enthusiastic team of volunteers involved, not just artists, but teachers, cooks, curators,  as well as some who have an interest in tourism and retail. We welcome all who would like to do their bit, be it admin, driving, cooking, writing, photography, or just welcoming new visitors to our area, as we are sure this will open the doors and entice a group of people who might not normally consider visit here, and create many opportunities for cultural exchanges and networking.

There is a wealth of materials here that can be used, as well as scrap and things that would normally go to landfill or recycling, so start hoarding now!

On the cards for spring 2012 are a series of art classes with a variety of mediums and tutors, and we are also making plans for  a “Film day” later in the year, with the intention of showing art related films and documentaries.  We hope these will both raise awareness of Ceangal as well as being enjoyable occasions and raising some funds.

The best way to keep up to date with progress is to read the blog – http://ceangalart.blogspot.com, this website in progress – ceangal.wordpress.com, a Facebook page – Ceangal=connection and you can follow us on Twitter – @ceangalconnect.


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